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hope is not a strategy

The following represents the real scenario faced by the new UK Managing Director of Daewoo Cars back in 1994, at the time when he was the newly recruited and only employee! The Challenge April 1994: Please launch a new car company at the October 1994 motor show (in 6 months time) and achieveĀ  1% market […]

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social media dinosaurs

Scenario: you want to sort out arrangements to meet a friend for a catch up chat over a curry. The Options: phone call – one interactive exchange – being a bloke taking about 60 seconds email – outbound suggesting time and place – inbound saying just fine. Small delay until friend checks mails. Total elapsed […]

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non-executive directors – only for the big boys?

Non-Exec Director? Corporate Governance? Remuneration and Audit Committees? City contacts? Certainly of significant relevance to some. But, what if you are a smaller, privately owned business? These issues are largely irrelevant. So if not in these respects, what contribution could a non-executive director make to your company? They can be expensive. But value usually does […]

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reasons to not plan…

common planning obstacles We can’t set objectives; there are too many variables, and anyway, we might miss them and then what would the boss/the bank/the team say? It’s a waste of time trying to develop strategies; how can we predict what will happen in the next 12 months? Our market is too fast moving, and […]

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In the beginning…

As I push the “post this” button it is exactly 18 years since Enigma was conceived and launched. Having made a hasty and somewhat ignominious exit from the car industry (explanined further down) I was presented with the classic mid-life “opportunity” to refocus my working life. My corporate career had in recent years found me […]

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