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Enigma draws on extensive practical experience in gen­eral management at board level and of marketing-led organisations and can make a significant difference to your business and  your management team in these areas. If your particular challenge requires the input of complementary disciplines we can form and manage an appropriate team of specialist associate consul­tants, providing you with a full, project managed service, to our exacting standards.

Formed in 1996, Enigma’s purpose is simply  to serve your primary goal of business performance improvement. You can benefit from our real-world approach to strategy consultancy and coaching and our executive and non-executive management services.

management consultancy and coaching

Enigma specialises in strategy consultancy and board coaching with a marketing bias, helping you and your business management team refocus your strategic direction. We help you apply, pragmatically,  the principles of strategic and marketing planning. Implementation support and relevant coaching is a critical and vital phase of our work.

We have successfully completed varied assignments for clients operating in diverse market sectors.

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