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Our executive background in general management in a number of sectors and industries shaped the future of Enigma. At the outset in 1996 we determined that strategy would be our thing. We set about consolidating all our past experiences and enhancing them with a good dose of leading-edge but solid theory. This provided the heart of our tool-kit and we set out to deliver our services and to Remove the Mystery from Success in a wide number of business sectors for management teams of businesses of all types and sizes.

♦ National travel & holiday retailing (Leamington)
♦ Insurance broking and financial services (London)
♦ Department store retailing (London)
♦ Retail strategy and design consultancy (London)
♦ Cellular telephone service provision (Oxfordshire)
♦ Tyre services, retailing and wholesaling (Hertfordshire)
♦ Property services consultancy (London)
♦ IT project management and workflow systems (Birmingham)
♦ Recruitment software design and marketing (Surrey)
♦ Copy-writing and design agency (London)
♦ Motor vehicle logistics and services (Kent)
♦ Motor parts & accessories distribution (Holland)
♦ Home Information Pack provision (City)
♦ Web-based business network (London)

As demonstrated by this selection of client sectors, Enigma is capable of the rapid assimilation of the complexities of new markets and business sectors and of effectively transferring their acquired skills to the analysis of problems, determining solutions and managing their implementation.

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