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sales conversion rates – from clicks to conversions

sales conversion rates One of my recent tweets read: Will post “digest” of “new” “tips” on website later for “free”. So what prompted me to write this? Read on… inbound marketing Hubspot as you might know are vendors of all-in-one inbound marketing software (according to their blurb). They have 10,000+ users of their software platform […]

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the relationship pipeline

are your sales pipeline stages really sociable?

Is your pipeline process really sociable? And by that I mean relationship based. All of us who are involved in new business winning will have used a sales pipeline. Perhaps drawn from software such as ACT! or Goldmine or bespoke to your business process based on many years of marketing and sales. I recently started […]

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shadow factors (the hidden benefits of planning)

In the footnotes to my last blog I said that I would provide titbits of the hidden benefits of strategic planning in future blogs. Well, I’ve changed my mind and have decided that I’ll deal with a good number of them in this one blog. They belong together and collectively show their full impact. planning […]

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non-executive directors – only for the big boys?

Non-Exec Director? Corporate Governance? Remuneration and Audit Committees? City contacts? Certainly of significant relevance to some. But, what if you are a smaller, privately owned business? These issues are largely irrelevant. So if not in these respects, what contribution could a non-executive director make to your company? They can be expensive. But value usually does […]

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In the beginning…

As I push the “post this” button it is exactly 18 years since Enigma was conceived and launched. Having made a hasty and somewhat ignominious exit from the car industry (explanined further down) I was presented with the classic mid-life “opportunity” to refocus my working life. My corporate career had in recent years found me […]

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welcome to enigma

Enigma has been supporting management teams and their businesses for 17 years. And where did that go? We are as passionate now as we were at launch about the need for clear strategic planning, whether planning to revamp a website or launch a brand new business (we have of course done both!). By publishing  our […]

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