career transition coaching

your route to “first fees faster”

career transition coaching – from executive to entrepreneur – creating the smaller enterprise

the scenario

Your new future beckons—your salary has gone—and you are now faced with selling the value you add by the £.  Every hour that passes that you can’t bill is another hour of potential income you have lost — irretrievably lost – forever!

who is it for?

It is especially designed for senior executives who have already made or who are now thinking about
making the transition from full-time employment to a life of independence and freedom. The programme is comprehensive, detailed and honest.

100 days—100 actions!

We have developed a Career Transition Programme aimed at getting you to that crucial first billing day fast.

We will work with you to identify over 100 actions, because the sooner you do, the sooner you will turn round the negative cash flow that invariably starts on the very first day of your new future.

“The discussions with Leslie brought all my ideas
together into a clear plan that I could quickly move
forward with”
Nick Lumb—Director, Profitability Solutions Ltd
Formerly Financial Director, VIASYS Neurocare

The programme is delivered personally by Leslie Woodcock, a seasoned independent consultant, who successfully and happily crafted a new career after leaving corporate life more than 15 years ago—he has been there and done it!

career transition coaching – the 7-point blueprint

In making this bold step and in order to enjoy and capitalise fully on the opportunities ahead Leslie will work with you through his 7-point blueprint to:

  • critically review your ambitions in the context of the work and lifestyle changes in front of you—in other words carry out a reality check!
  • explore which issues you might not yet have fully appreciated and then consider your plans from a new and better informed position
  • validate your decision, both at a personal level and crucially with the stakeholders in your new future (usually your family and your bank balance) and
  • move forward, fully empowered to manage your way around the myriad potholes and pitfalls.

So let us help you get to that first “fee day” faster— and it only needs to be a few days faster for this programme to cost you absolutely nothing!

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