personal coaching …share the load

personal coaching …would you benefit from personal coaching and sharing the load through difficult times?

  • thinking of changing your job…not sure how to check your reasoning or finalise your thoughts?
  • recently promoted…and out of your comfort zone?
  • finding your role too heavy…needing to see things more clearly?
  • work/life balance just not balancing…no time for your partner and family, needing to prioritise?
  • colleague creating problems…or could it be you, needing some honesty?

The list goes on…

Leslie Woodcock has provided or is providing advice and guidance to

  • two newly promoted MD’s
  • a successful owner-manager partner needing to grow personally
  • two partners who are business partners; together and separately!
  • a displaced (aka redundant) senior finance director
  • ……

personal coaching in action

Leslie will listen and gain a deep understanding of your problem, situation or challenge. Together you will then devise a topic or issue driven programme of one-to-one meetings and working sessions. Each issue will be reduced to a point where actionable personal strategies can be pursued, with each cross-linking and integrating with the other to build a holistic and measurable action plan. Each element will address the three dimensions of head, heart and hara (gut). You will develop a programme that you will have bought into and believe will produce the results you seek.

Leslie is an experienced executive and past managing director; he has been a company director since the age of 27 (the youngest director in the Heron International Group at the time); he is a qualified accountant and has experience of looking after 200 or more small business owners; for more than 16 years he has offered consultancy and facilitation to executives and board members from blue chips to start-ups.

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