implementation support

after the planning …the delivery

Implementation support is a key aspect of Enigma services. We prefer not to deliver a report and run!

We are only too aware that in any enterprise “running lean” in today’s economic environment spare headcount is a thing of the past. As a result our most successful assignments have been those where we have remained engaged with our customers and their management teams well after the “delivery date”, sometimes for up to two years or even more.

Some still ask….

….what would Leslie at Enigma say?

So, in addition to our usual monitoring of assignments after completion, we offer the personal services of our principal in the following capacities to provide more direct operational and implementation support.

  • Interim executive
  • Business advisor/coach


  • Continuity – if support is needed we can provide a seamless transition from planning to implementation
  • Knowledge – during our assignments we become fully immersed in the strategic issues facing a business. This eliminates any further cost and need for a learning and induction period
  • Team – the detailed and often intimate work undertaken during a strategic planning programme means that we meld with the client team. Involvement in implementation offers taem continuity
  • Accountability – our ongoing involvement with implementation means that we are very much more accountable to you for our input to your strategic plan

In summary we are prepared to walk the talk!

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