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Since the beginning of 2010 Enigma has been immersed in social media and its consequences on business strategy and the structure of organisations. All our work recognises and incorporates the relevant impact of social media and related behaviour.

We feel that with the exception of some of the worlds global consumer brands the subject of “social” and what to do about it hasn’t found its way firmly onto the strategy agenda of many boards.

We have developed two core services to help with this adoption – our Boardroom Briefing service and our PriSM Programme (professional integration of social media). 

IBM have recently published a report entitled The Customer-activated Enterprise. This study is based on face-to-face conversations with more than 4,000 C-suite executives worldwide, an impressive cohort. An extract:

The problem? Two-thirds of enterprises have a weak digital-physical strategy — or none at all. Some organizations are reconfiguring their offerings to capitalize on social networks and mobile connectivity. Others are reshaping their operating models to inject customer input into every aspect of the buying and selling chain. But they’re often not doing both at once.

So what’s preventing CxOs from doing more to unite their business and digital strategy? The biggest hurdle is how social media fits into the mix. Indeed, when Watson analyzed more than 10,000 natural language responses, it uncovered the fact that CxOs simply don’t know how to strike the right balance between the social, digital and physical worlds.

Understanding the return on investment is also a challenge, particularly if organizations view social simply as something they snap on to existing workflows. Its value is realized when social inspires entirely new ways of working, learning and orchestrating processes across the organization and beyond.

Easily said, but social is one place where many executives find themselves standing on the sidelines — if not well behind the lines — as enfranchised employees channel enthusiasm and energy to test the waters. CxOs can’t stand by, waiting for a clear strategy to emerge. They have a role, and one they must step up to, to ensure that their organizations focus social business on issues that are core to the company’s overall strategy and brand.


We have two services conceived by reference to our own senior executive experience and designed to tackle the issue of “social” at board level initially and the to provide a pathway to social integration at the pace to suit your current state of socialisation and business culture.

boardroom briefing

This senior briefing programme is aimed at those board members who want to see past the hype and terminology surrounding Social Networking and Social Media and fully understand what, if anything, they should be doing about it at board level. A peer-group approach to provide a “private” learning forum, well away from the gaze of generation Y!

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(Professional Integration of Social Media)

Aimed at those senior executives and board members seeking a full understanding of the social media landscape in and around their business.

phase 1

Phase 1 of our leading edge PriSM programme will reveal if social media is adding value to your business – or whether it is actually creating a series of unintended consequences with the potential to damage your business performance in myriad ways – now or in the future.

phase 2

Drawing on the detailed recommendations of phase 1 of this work this phase will help you to align your organisation to the longer-term impact of your enterprise “going social”.

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Pebble in the Pond – Specialist Data and Social Intelligence Services

We are business and marketing strategy specialists with more than 15 years experience of advising boards and executive teams on strategy plan formulation and execution. We have developed advanced thinking and models in this area and now apply these to “social”. We do this through a sister company called Pebble in the Pond Ltd.

Pebble in the Pond provides specialist data and business intelligence services driven by the world of social media.

social “scape” reports

Topic-based suite of social intelligence reports – tailored to your brand, your event and your marketing campaigns –brandscape, eventscape, sponsorscape and more..

social media monitoring dashboard

social monitoring dashboard

social media monitoring

Ongoing or snapshot – using advanced professional monitoring tools to harvest brand mentions from the social web, consolidate them into a dataset and enable detailed in depth analysis, reporting and the provision of social intelligence to inform your strategy development, either as one-off initial audit or an ongoing intelligence programme.

social marketing strategy development and content provision

Usually starting with a social media audit and report (e.g. brandscape) we will help you formulate an appropriate social media marketing strategy including one of the most important elements – the social content plan.

To see a full service range of specialist services visit the Pebble in the Pond website.

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