business planning

what is it?

Enigma helped us to prepare a holistic strategic plan

  • The clear articulation of your vision, mission, objectives or goals, together with the strategies and actions necessary to achieve your objectives, including risk analysis and contingency planning.
  • Conducted against a background situation analysis and business environment audit.
  • The basis for preparing financial interpretation of the company’s future.

benefits and outputs

  • Enigma facilitates the development of the plan, in close conjunction with its sponsor (usually the MD or CEO) through an agreed programme of one-on-one interviews, management seminars and workshops.
  • The process is not prescriptive – it is more a philosophy of implementation. It will actually be led by you.
  • The process will clarify the key issues and drivers affecting the business and employs a number of familiar models and analytical techniques. Increasing shareholder value is usually a key objective.
  • It removes barriers to successful planning and gains crucial buy-in from your management team.
  • It will align management behind a common set of goals and will ascribe an understanding of the role of each in delivering results against the plan.

    …..the real value we gained was a change in attitudes throughout the business

  • It provides a framework for best practice in strategic business planning (financial planning is addressed as a separate subject in a further phase of the planning process – click here to view this topic).
  • Knowledge transfer to your management is a key element of the service, enabling you to manage future strategic planning exercises from within.

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