strategic marketing planning

what it is

As one element of our strategic marketing planning offering we utilise a Market and Product Portfolio Planning tool that can answer some of the most unanswerable marketing questions faced by any business.

  • Are your markets becoming increasingly competitive?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of your marketing environment?
  • Do you have the right products in the right markets?
  • Do you know which are the most attractive markets or sectors?
  • Do you need to justify your spend?
  • Do you know whether the next best idea should be taken forward?
  • Are you spending your budget the best way and in the right amounts?

Using this advanced modelling tool we will work with you to deliver a comprehensive view of how to direct finite resources at the right markets in the right way.

benefits and outputs

the process will:

  • ensure that your marketing plan is an integral part of the business’ strategic plan
  • robustly support your marketing strategy with concrete evidence to support your decisions
  • help you to analyse your product or market portfolio – determining those product markets which are most attractive and in which you have the greatest competitive strengths
  • mcdenable you to make informed decisions about business potential from each of your product/market combinations

The results of this approach and the outputs of the matrix we prepared led to product innovation in two niche areas of law; one of which achieved market leadership status within the first year of launch

  • enable you to plan your activity using concrete evidence rather than using on gut instinct, history or past successes
  • demystify the marketing process by clearly tying activity to strategy and goals
  • enable you to focus your energy and resources to achieve the greatest success and returns
  • ensure that marketing spend is undertaken with a clear sense of direction, with measurement mechanisms in place, decision-making processes transparent and clear accountability for outcomes

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