strategy development

what it is

It is the solution to the following common (and possibly familiar) problems:

  • Recurring failure to meet business objectives
  • Re-emergence of previously planned strategies during subsequent planning cycles
  • Organisational silo behaviour patterns
  • You just can’t see the wood for the trees!

We specialise in customer-led strategic consultancy; essential to establishing a sustainable market position in today’s business environment.

As part of all of our strategy services we undertake an appropriate review of the effectiveness of your current strategies to meet both existing and new enterprise challenges, whether they are externally (market) driven or internally (organisation) driven.

benefits and outputs

  • Holistic – our deep understanding of the fundamental principles of enterprise-wide strategic planning enables us to take a holistic view of your business.
  • Analytical – we will diagnose the root causes following an intensive fact-finding programme and by using a range of analytical tools and techniques.
  • Strategy – appropriate strategy development tools can be used including portfolio analysis and value chain analysis
  • “What-if” scenarios – we can use selected software for strategic marketing planning. It allows you to develop a dynamic and interactive business model based on your key business drivers, and to model “what-if” scenarios – a powerful tool


  • Brands – we understand brands and how they affect your customers
  • Value Propositions -we understand how to identify and develop customer value propositions
  • Expert – we know how to promote and market both
  • Experience – Enigma draws on extensive experience in general management and of marketing-led organisations.
  • Depth and Breadth – we can undertake assignments that call for a wide range of disciplines by partnering and managing specialist associates. In this way we provide both depth and breadth of skills.

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