financial planning and modelling

what it is not

Well what it isn’t is a set of spreadsheet extrapolations based on last year “plus a bit”. Unfortunately too many business plans are actually no more than “budgets” prepared in this way.

For any financial plan to be successful it must be aligned with the strategy of your business. Enigma can translate your strategic business plan into a financial plan and sophisticated modelling tool that provides the platform for your company’s budget and financial reporting systems.

words first – numbers second…

The financial plan is the numeric and financial interpretation of your strategic business plan. The business plan narrative is frequently the most important aspect of a business plan. It is prepared not only to guide the executives towards business goals but also for review by outside agencies such as banks and financiers. It is generally the most overlooked aspect of planning.

Your written plan:

  • communicates to your audience your deep understanding of the issues affecting your business and how ready your management team are to cope with them.
  • frequently provides the only real opportunity for you to focus clearly on the strategic direction of the business.
  • imposes on you an obligation to address key issues such as your personal business objectives, overall business strategy, marketing plan and human resource planning.

benefits of the financial plan

“what-if” modelling

Business plans become dynamic management tools if they enable financial modelling of your business against differing assumptions. We can design your financial plan as an integrated planning model enabling the performance of rapid “what-if” exercises. This is invaluable in risk analysis and contingency planning.

raising finance

The raising of business finance most often fails at the first attempt because of an inadequate business plan. Too often, a “one-size-fits-all” approach is adopted whereas different versions of the same plan would appeal to specific audiences or readers.

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