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do you know what business are you in ?

Just feel the need to jot this down. Just last week, shortly after the first of a series of 5 whole day strategy workshops, my client said to me (not quite verbatim): A rewarding outcome for both of us. We both felt good.

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non-executive directors – only for the big boys?

Non-Exec Director? Corporate Governance? Remuneration and Audit Committees? City contacts? Certainly of significant relevance to some. But, what if you are a smaller, privately owned business? These issues are largely irrelevant. So if not in these respects, what contribution could a non-executive director make to your company? They can be expensive. But value usually does […]

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reasons to not plan…

common planning obstacles We can’t set objectives; there are too many variables, and anyway, we might miss them and then what would the boss/the bank/the team say? It’s a waste of time trying to develop strategies; how can we predict what will happen in the next 12 months? Our market is too fast moving, and […]

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