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Twitter and Segmentation – how do you decide who to follow?

About a month back I saw this article in the Sunday Times and posted the following blog on our sister company’s website – Pebble in the Pond. Inbound marketing using social media is a vital element of any modern marketing strategy and given that this is an essential feature of what we do at Enigma […]

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is your to-do list a strategic plan in disguise?

When was the last time you took yourself out of your working or business environment to contemplate your future? To prepare a strategic growth plan. If you are like me it is always going to be tomorrow, because today’s to-do list is just too pressing and then there is the client meeting the day after […]

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shadow factors (the hidden benefits of planning)

In the footnotes to my last blog I said that I would provide titbits of the hidden benefits of strategic planning in future blogs. Well, I’ve changed my mind and have decided that I’ll deal with a good number of them in this one blog. They belong together and collectively show their full impact. planning […]

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do you know what business are you in ?

Just feel the need to jot this down. Just last week, shortly after the first of a series of 5 whole day strategy workshops, my client said to me (not quite verbatim): A rewarding outcome for both of us. We both felt good.

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hope is not a strategy

The following represents the real scenario faced by the new UK Managing Director of Daewoo Cars back in 1994, at the time when he was the newly recruited and only employee! The Challenge April 1994: Please launch a new car company at the October 1994 motor show (in 6 months time) and achieveĀ  1% market […]

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